A&T Aerospace is:

  • approved Part 145 FR 145.0679 since July, 18, 2014

Part 145 FR 145.0679 v0

  • certified according the EN 9100, EN 9110 and ISO 9001 since February 2016,

A & T AEROSPACE -EN9110-v1

A & T AEROSPACE -EN9100-v1

A & T AEROSPACE -ISO9001 -v1

  • approved FAR 145 902Y817C as from the 1st septembre 2016, renewal in september 2017

FAA Form CERTIFICATE sept 2017

Our quality commitments :

  • A process approach and a process command in order to obtain an effective system and even more efficient.
  • A customer focus that translates in a response to expectations, expectation assessed by satisfaction indicators, punctuality, compliance with requirements.
  • A continual improvement based on the corrective actions implementation and monitoring in order to best satisfy the customer and to reach excellence
  • A risks approach in order in order to anticipate and reduce potential risks (products, services, professional, process…).

A&T Aerospace wants to reach an effective company management based on leadership, learning and principles improvement application while giving meaning to the commitment.