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In a context of structural changes in the Aeronautic Industry, following the increase in air traffic and the increased desire to reduce holding times on the ground while reducing the number of failures, Assistance and Technology Aerospace (A&T) offers a global service with major players in the aviation field.

Our expertise in aircraft maintenance, complemented by technical expertise in aircraft structure assembly and integration of mechanical and composite subassemblies, allows to reduce downtime and to increase aircraft reliability through innovative, cost and turnkey solutions.

Close to our customers, projects can be carried out from both the A&T Aerospace site and the customer site.

Our strategy is based on core values:

  • The belonging to the AERYA Aeronautical Group, an essential partner in the fields of engineering, production, maintenance and service.
  • Customer proximity. Located in Bordeaux, we are close to major players in the French aeronautics field.

  • The employee’s talent. A result of an assessment of knowledge and attitudes.

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